Disabled model Debbie Van Der Putten

During the London Paralympics Debbie Ven Der Putten was in the city doing a couple of TV interviews around the subject of models with disability, including the Paralypics Breakfast Show on Channel 4, during her stay Debs took the opportunity to come in and refresh her book. Debbie lost her arm in a terrible coach crash some 7 years back, before that she hadn't even considered modelling, that came as a result of the accident but far from being bitter or unhappy about her disability, she is actually such a bright, positive person and an absolute joy to work with.

Make up and hair by Alex Jones

As you can see from the images she has very striking looks and it's that that draws your eye and not the disability at all, I was really pleased with the feedback I've got from the shots that I've shown so far in that the general opinion was exactly that, people have shared my view and said they noticed Debbie's arm AFTER they have seen how striking she is in the shots & this is the way it should be. The success of the Paralympics really showed the world what people are capable of and able bodied people looked at the athletes ability rather than the disability, I hope this translates into everyday life now that the event is over.

I'm pretty selective with what work I display and don't put every shoot on my website but Debbie's will have a place on there and I hope I get the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

You can follow Debbie on her blog http://debbievanderputten.wordpress.com and on twitter @DebsMoD

If you would like to book a shoot please email contact@brianrolfe.com for rates and details.

Debbie on the Channel 4 Paralympics Breakfast Show for Models of Diversity