Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model

If you watch the show and saw the 'Where are they now" special this week you will have seen my work featured with shots of Steph and Imogen. It's always nice to see your work on tv, in print or online but what was nice about the BINTM show was that they actually credited the photographers so each time a shot of mine came up my name was under it, it may seem an obvious thing to do but trust me it doesn't always happen that way so hats of to the guys at BINTM for making sure we all were given that credit.

If you get the chance to watch this special then it's well worth a look, it's good to see how the girl's lives have changed since appearing on the show, of course I am slightly bias when it comes to Imogen, being a local girl and all :)

If you've not seen them before or not seen the show these are the ones that were featured and Imogen and I are hoping to work on something new in the coming months too so I'll post those as and when we get around to it.

Imogen (make up by Rachael Karen)

Steph (make up by Rachael Karen)