Timeless Project

If you follow me on Facebook then you may have heard about my plans to work on a personal project of some sort this year that will end up as a book/exhibition, well finally I have settled on the title and have some teaser images to kick this whole thing off.

I always knew I wanted this project to really represent my style and the kind of work that I love to shoot with models that inspire me... we're talking muses, the ones that just love to shoot as much as I love to shoot them, the models that are happy just turning up and working with minimal or no make up & styling.

There is something about working one on one with a model without a team or a rigid brief, it just flows, you build a relationship, a trust and it shows in the images. This project is built around that style of shoot, some will have a team involved for sure but many won't and I've chosen this image of Charlie to launch it as it really represents what I'm talking about, minimalistic and timeless beauty & fashion portraits. Created in a very short time on a really relaxed shoot with just me, Charlie and a few rough ideas, shot at my home studio, this was the first time we'd worked together after discussing shooting about a year ago & last month it finally all came together!

I'm working on a proper introduction piece for the project but for now I think this explains enough to  get the ball rolling, I will continue to post teasers here and have a dedicated gallery on my website soon to preview some of the images, the rest with be reserved exclusively for the book/exhibition.

If you are a professional agency model and interested in getting involved then feel free to drop me an email, this project is ongoing.